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Watch "TU Y YO" My New Video!

Watch The sticky Video!

Watch The "STICKY" VIDEO! Click On The Cover

Watch The "STICKY" VIDEO! Click On The Cover

"Tu Y Yo" Watch The Video!

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Click The Album Cover!

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    "Hitter UP" 

    "Hitter UP" How Practical Some Women Can Be!  My New Song Will Be Out March 25th Produced by Lil Jordie. Please Save It NOW Visit The Next Release Section To Save It!

    The Song Will Be Available On All Music Platforms Including Beatport! Hitter Up And Have Fun! The Natural

    All About "STICKY" 

    "STICKY" Has Made It To The Forefront! Electric & Inspiring!Out October 29th, 2021 Ready For Halloween Weekend Play! The Track Is Produced By Welcury Beats and Written by Me And Engineered By X. Please Download It and Save It NOW! Let's Make It Number #1 On The Rock Charts!


    My Next Release Will Be October 15th, 2021!  "Tu Y Yo" Produced By Yours Truly! Add It NOW and Thank You To My Listeners and Followers! Visit Next Release On My Website To Add It And Have It Ready!