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    Currently The People Of Cuba Have Rebelled To The 60 Year Old Terrorist Group. A Group That Has Been Controlling And Disappearing Humans And Trafficking Children To Third World Countries. Women Are Raped And Have No Say To A Terrorist Government Known To Tie (Weaponless) People To Trees And Kill Them Cold Blooded. Firing Squad Done And Orquestrated By Fidel And Raul Castro Terrorist. Pictures To Show This Exist And Cadavers. They Also Took All Money In The Banks In Cuba When They Took Over The Army And Stoled The Land Of My Family And Thousands Of Other Families Who Fled In 1962 To The United States Because Of This Terrorist Government.

    Cuba Has Underground Missiles The Has Been Know For Many Years 90 Miles From The US. They Are A National Threat To Us And Our Children And Coast Line.

    Now Is The Time To Move Quick And Disarm The Army And Remove The Terrorist Running The Island.

     Please Right To Your Governor Or The President Immediately So They Can Protect The People Of The United States And Get A Few Countries To Say Yes To Support Them. Spain Has Already And Many Others. Now It Has To Be Done.

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